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Sep 15 2023

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Noxguard Mexico: Leading the Way Towards a Contingency-Free Future in Mexico City


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In the bustling metropolis of Mexico City (CDMX), the battle against environmental contingencies has been a constant challenge. These contingencies force us to reduce vehicular circulation below the established limits on normal days, posing a continuous challenge for all residents of this city. However, today we bring you good news: we are in the midst of a silent revolution that is changing the way we tackle this issue. At Noxguard Mexico, as leaders in the manufacturing of high-quality DEF, we are proud to be part of this transformation.


In the not-so-distant past, it seemed that the problem of environmental contingencies would worsen over time, especially in the world of tractor-trailers, responsible for up to 40% of air pollution in CDMX and its metropolitan area. Fortunately, the situation is changing remarkably and positively.


Increasingly, vehicles with diesel engines are adopting advanced technologies, such as catalytic converters with DEF. Out of the 125,000 cargo trucks currently operating in the Mexico Valley metropolitan area, a growing number are gradually being replaced by next-generation tractor-trailers that incorporate the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system, an efficient filter for pollutant particles. This technological advancement is a light at the end of the tunnel for the inhabitants of our vast and complex city.


Noxguard Mexico is at the forefront of this transformation towards a cleaner and more sustainable future for CDMX. Our commitment is passionate and unwavering. We are determined to lead the change by offering high-quality products that use diesel+SCR technology. But we don't stop there; we also provide personalized attention to our customers—companies that trust us due to our expertise, problem-solving capabilities, and quality in processes.


The horizon looks clearer and more promising for the city, thanks to technological advances and the commitment of companies like Noxguard Mexico. We are on the right path to bid farewell to environmental contingencies and welcome cleaner air and a more sustainable environment. We are leading the change, and we do it with passion and determination. Join us, and together, let's build a better future.

Clean Engine, Clean Air