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Sep 08 2023

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11 Individuals in Michigan Charged with Diesel Engine System Manipulation in the U.S.": The Importance of Noxguard DEF for Cleaner Emissions


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Once again, in recent days, we have had to adjust to the implications of facing Environmental Contingencies in Mexico City (CDMX). These contingencies restrict the circulation of a higher number of vehicles than allowed on normal days. One might think that this problem will worsen in the short term, especially in the world of trucks, which are responsible for 30% to 40% of air pollution in Mexico City and the surrounding metropolitan area.


Attention to all automotive enthusiasts! We have critical information to share. 11 individuals from Michigan have been charged in a case of diesel engine and emission control system manipulation, a case that has caused a stir across the United States. This incident also serves as a warning in Mexico if we do not adhere to NOM-044-SEMARNAT-2017.


In light of this news, it is vital to highlight the importance of effective solutions like Noxguard DEF to ensure cleaner emissions and protect our environment.


According to reports, these individuals are accused of engaging in illegal activities related to the manipulation of emissions assessment systems in diesel engines. These actions not only violate regulations but also contribute to increased pollution and its detrimental effects on our planet and public health.


Manipulating EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulations can lead to significant legal penalties and consequences. These consequences include:


Civil fines: The EPA has the authority to impose civil fines for violations of environmental regulations. These fines are determined based on the severity of the violation, economic benefits gained, and the violator's compliance history. Fines can range from thousands to billions of dollars.

Criminal prosecution: In some cases, intentional manipulation of EPA regulations can lead to criminal charges, resulting in fines and imprisonment. Penalties depend on the specific violation and applicable environmental laws.

Court-ordered mandates and corrective actions: In addition to fines, the EPA can seek court-ordered mandates and require corrective actions to cease violations and address environmental damages.


It is crucial to understand that the consequences for manipulating EPA regulations vary depending on circumstances and applicable laws. Consulting legal professionals or specific regulations is recommended for detailed information on penalties associated with these violations.


Environmental commitment: Protecting the environment is a shared responsibility among individuals, manufacturers, and regulatory entities. Together, we can maintain emissions standards and support initiatives that prioritize performance and planet conservation.


We will stay tuned for updates on this case of diesel engine monitoring system manipulation. In the meantime, let's promote awareness of the importance of Noxguard DEF to achieve cleaner emissions and a greener world for future generations.

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