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Sep 08 2023

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Diesel: The Dominant Engine in the Transportation Industry


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How does diesel compare to other energy sources like natural gas, gasoline, and electric batteries in the transportation industry? In this article, we will explore the topic and highlight the dominant position of diesel in the current landscape.

Today, various energy sources coexist and power our world. Some are on the decline, others are emerging as alternatives, while some remain firmly in use. Diesel and biodiesel belong to this last category, being the predominant energy source in off-road machinery and, of course, in truck mobility in classes 3-8.

Diesel in Numbers

A study by S&P, shared by the Diesel Technology Forum (DTF), reveals that of the 15 million commercial trucks in the mentioned classes, approximately three-quarters run on diesel. Furthermore, nearly half of them belong to a new technological generation.

The Limited Role of Gas and Electricity:

In comparison, trucks running on gas or electric batteries represent a minimal fraction of the total. Surprisingly, the vast majority of class 8 trucks are diesel-powered. As an interesting fact, approximately one-third of electric trucks are found in California.

Noxguard Diesel Exhaust Fluid and Emission Reduction

Once again, Noxguard Diesel Exhaust Fluid comes into play, as nearly 60% of diesel trucks are 2007 models or newer, meaning they have some form of pollutant filtration and reduction system. Many of them use Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems, achieving near-zero emissions. This trend is further driven by new EPA regulations that aim to reduce pollutant levels to almost zero emissions. This is a vital topic we will explore further, and it has a direct impact on your fleet. It is estimated that the use of advanced technologies to reduce pollutants could eliminate 1.3 trillion metric tons of emissions in this decade.

Allen Schaeffer, Executive Director of DTF, shares his perspective:

"Even as zero-emission technologies emerge, there is consensus that diesel technology will continue to dominate these sectors for decades. Diesel is the technology of choice in each of these sectors because it offers the best overall set of advantages over other options. Diesel is proven, safe, efficient, reliable, durable, and economical... it virtually guarantees the role of diesel in the future."

In summary, diesel remains the leading driving force in the transportation industry, supported by its efficiency, reliability, and its ability to reduce emissions. Diesel technology is advancing toward a cleaner and more sustainable future, highlighting the importance of solutions like Noxguard Diesel Exhaust Fluid.


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